Tribe Hive


Call: 01273 235 307
Contact name: Dr Ian Wakeman
Locations: Falmer

TribeHive creates apps that work in areas of limited connectivity, based on patented technology developed by the University of Sussex, for businesses such as sports stadia, music festivals and large conferences.

The TribeHive technology is designed to make it easier for large groups of people to use their smartphones to connect with digital services. TribeHive looks to democratise the means of communication, and allow resources to be shared between everyone. Each app on the phone works with other phones to build a network, so that location specific services can be accessed.

The protocols to build, maintain and use the resulting network have been tried and tested via an android app used within Brighton and Hove Albion's Amex Community stadium, as part of the EPSRC sponsored Digital Stadium.

The technology has obvious applications to the provision of a digital channel for large sporting stadia. Considerable research has been undertaken to understand how fans use their phones in stadia, and such a digital channel can increase dwell time within the stadium, and with the right marketing messages, increase spend. If the club has an on-site betting partner, in-match betting becomes a much smoother experience. As well as the applications within football stadia, the technology has potential applications in other large arenas, such as outdoor music festivals.