Organogold Catalyst Complex

Organogold Catalyst Complex

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Unique Catalysts for Chemical Industry

Organogold Catalyst Complexes are designed for companies and researchers looking to expand their fragment libraries and diversify their portfolio of complexes. With a smoother, more effective and diverse range of reactions, the unique chiral property of the catalysts, and their flexible design, the Organogold Catalyst Complexes are suitable for applications in chemical synthesis, chemical industry and drug development.

Features and Benefits

  • Reactive and modular structure
  • Recoverable
  • Chiral and flexible
  • Lox toxicity
  • Patents granted
  • University of Sussex technology


The Organogold Catalyst Complex, developed at the Viseux lab at the University of Sussex, allow for companies, industrial and academic researches to construct complex chemical architectures, with complete control of the structure and shape of the catalysts. Offering targeted and smooth reactions, the Complexes provide a wide range of reactions suitable for many applications and purposes. The Complex has been developed and validated for use in catalytic methods of carbon-carbon bond formations, meaning that the compounds can be used in diversity-oriented synthesis, catering to any synthetic needs requiring gold.

Currently, the Complex is undergoing testing to be used as an anti-cancer drug, and so far results have been positive. With its low toxicity and inexpensive design, Organogold Catalyst Complexes have also been considered for drug development and other pharmaceutical applications.

To find out more, download the academic paper here, or read our marketing document here. If you'd like to speak to someone about the Organogold Catalyst Complex, please contact us for more details.